Unbelievable Warranty!
We will Repair or Replace your frame with our NO-FAULT Warranty

Sterling Optical warrants that your eyeglass purchase is guaranteed to be of the highest quality materials and is free of defects. If the frame or any part breaks, the original purchaser is entitled to:

Repair or replacement of the broken frame - FREE OF CHARGE.
Sterling Optical warrants that if the frame is lost or stolen, the original purchaser is entitled to:

50% Discount (from the regular retail purchase price) on the purchase of new eyeglasses, including replacement lenses, identical to the original lenses purchased.

The Sterling Optical warranty is available for purchase at participating locations. The warranty is valid only when the broken frame is returned to Sterling Optical, along with the original No-Fault Eyeglass Warranty. The choice between repair and replacement is up to the sole discretion of Sterling Optical. Warranty items will be ordered directly from the manufacturer. Sterling Optical reserves the right to substitute a frame or frame part of like value if the replacement frame is unavailable for any reason. This warranty is good for a period of one year from delivery date. This warranty does not cover scratched, broken or cracked lenses, except as provided above, and is valid on new merchandise only. Warranty is valid at the originating store only.